How to Go Istanbul City Centre from Ataturk Airport

Ataturk Airport

Istanbul is the best went by goal in Turkey. So envision the a huge number of remote visitors that it gets each year! There are two air terminals in Istanbul yet Ataturk airplane terminal is the busiest and most vacationers will arrive by means of that course. Transport from the air terminal to lodgings or the downtown area is simple, on the grounds that there are five choices.



Outside the landings lobby, are lines of yellow taxicabs that all keep running on meters. When leaving the air terminal, utilize the bank machines to get Turkish lira so you are certain of precisely the amount you are paying. Lamentably, the Internet is overflowing with explorer’s stories of how they were ripped off by Istanbul taxis.

It appears the most widely recognized stories are pointless bypasses and absence of progress. It is effectively finished with visitors who are not acquainted with Istanbul and furthermore the cash. Know in advance that gauge charges from Istanbul Ataturk air terminal to the Sultan Ahmet and Taksim areas are approximately 45 to 55 lira.




This is a privately owned business working transport administrations to and from the air terminal yet they don’t go to the Sultan Ahmet area, just Taksim square. It used to be Havas yet their administration has been ended. The course takes around 40 minutes and costs 11 Turkish lira. In the event that there are four individuals voyaging, that is almost an indistinguishable cost from a taxi. See here for the get times.




Take after the signs from the entries lobby to walk around 10 minutes to the Metro. To utilize it, buy a jeton which costs 4 Turkish liras. The Metro has various quits, including the Otogar (transport station).

In the event that you are heading out to the principle touristic territories of Taksim or Sultan Ahmet (old city), swap to the cable car or funicular line at Zeytinburnu or Aksaray. See here for the vehicle arrange delineate the metro.

By and by, I don’t care for this choice. Battling with gear on the Metro isn’t fun, particularly at surge hour and the trip can take a hour or all the more relying upon the season of day.



Lease a Car

I could never drive an auto in Istanbul. Ataturk airplane terminal is the busiest in Turkey and activity blockage on the streets driving in and out, can be substantial, moderate moving and hyper!

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In the event that you choose to conflict with my recommendation, look in the entry corridor for the workplaces of all significant auto employ organizations including Hertz. Before marking for the auto, check it for indications of harm and guarantee these are recorded on the agreement.



Private Airport Transfer

In the wake of messing around on planes and in airplane terminals, this is a decent alternative to pick. Efendi Travel who has workplaces in Istanbul offers sensible estimated air terminal exchanges with complimentary water beverages and you don’t need to send installment ahead of time. Simply pay when you arrive.

They likewise have a 24 hour call focus on the off chance that your flight is postponed, your gear disappears or you require help as a recently arrived traveler in Istanbul. The settled cost for 1 to 4 individuals from Istanbul Ataturk Airport to either Sultan Ahmet or Taksim locale is only 20 Euros. From Sabiha Gokcen Airport to the downtown area it is 45 Euros.

8 Things Must-to-Do When Visit Istanbul


Istanbul, a notable city and the most well known traveler goal in Turkey, has massive nobility and pride. The social imbuement of different groups, present day impacts, and its recorded course of events is difficult to overlook.

Most travel distributions have itemized articles about activities in Istanbul. They ordinarily include shopping in the authentic Grand Bazaar, going to Ottoman royal residences, appreciating the engineering of Hagia Sophia and diving into the profundities of Islam, by going by the Blue mosque.

Shockingly however, not every person likes visiting authentic destinations and endless guests, who have been to Istanbul, more than once, are regularly ignorant regarding what to do next. So an enthusiastic Istanbulite, chose to fill a hole in the market.


Activities in Istanbul : Suggestions by Locals

Sinan Sökmen is the author and overseeing executive of an elective idea to visiting Istanbul. He said…

Our visits are arranged by interests and leisure activities, for example, history, photography, sustenance, craftsmanship, or shopping. So we team up with authorities of different fields and themes, to enable guests to make an individual ordeal.

Since I am always looking for odd encounters in Turkey, he immediately had my consideration and revealed to me more about these local people and their thoughts of activities in Istanbul.


One Day Street Art Tour

Some call it spray painting, however all finished Istanbul, shop shades, auto parks, old manufacturing plants or white washed dividers are canvases for great fine art and wall paintings. The road workmanship visit visits renowned urban neighborhoods, for example, Sishane and Karakoy, to see pieces that would increase much appreciation in a craftsmanship exhibition.



Ottoman Jewelry Workshop in the Grand Bazaar

Excellent adornments is available to be purchased in the Grand Bazaar, however guests can make it! Under the direction of a Usta (ace), participants are demonstrated the antiquated art of Ottoman adornments making and afterward they plan and develop their own particular perfect work of art. Classes last around 3 hours, with a most extreme participation of 4 individuals.


Street Photography Walk

Enhance your camera abilities, completely comprehend its capacities, and catch exceptional photographs of Istanbul, by going to the photography visit around primary roads and back avenues. After an early on instructions, the visit visits Taksim and Istiklal Avenue with its superb cases of design.


Istanbul Bicycle Tour

A few people should seriously mull over this a silly and risky proposal yet on the Asian side of Istanbul, official biking courses incorporate photography stops and visits to beautiful scenes, wharfs, stops, for example, Fenerbahce, and neighborhood eateries. Bahadir says anybody can come since all hardware is given including bicycles, protective caps, sound guide and wellbeing coats.


Mushroom Hunt and Picnic

You may figure mushrooms don’t exist in a clamoring city, yet 15 kilometers north of Istanbul is Belgrade timberland, a daring play area for nature devotees. This perfect goal is ideal for a mushroom forager chase to spot particular assortments, taste them and appreciate a calm cookout.

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Flavors of the Old City

Visit a simit bread kitchen to observe how they are made, appreciate a conventional Turkish breakfast, talk with the proprietor of the most eminent Turkish café in the city and watch how he sets it up. Next on the motivation is a Turkish wine sampling session in a basement, and the opportunity to enjoy conventional baklava.


Rowing in Istanbul

The Golden Horn is an essential area of Istanbul and it coaxes master and fledgling rowers, to see its milestones from water. Experienced and authorized paddling instructors give all gear including the kayak and the gathering sets off in the early morning, on an assigned 8 kilometer course.


Sailing in Istanbul

Keep going on our rundown of activities in Istanbul, is cruising. On the off chance that a kayak is too little, upsize to a bigger cruising yacht. For a morning or evening, qualified mariners will give you the general tour, and after that moor for a brief timeframe in different areas to see the city’s frame of reference from an alternate edge. A GoPro HD camcorder is ready to catch each minute, and incorporated into the cost is your own particular duplicate, to reclaim home.